Photo by Alex Prak. Used with permission.


Tom O’Donnell – vocals and lead guitar
Hands – bass
Ramos – synth
Ray Clough – drums
Uratrope – multi-instrumentalist

Corner Soul are a 5-piece psychedelic dance punk band operating out of Lowell, Mass. Formed by frontman and lead guitar player Tom O’Donnell as a solo project built around lo-fi bedroom recordings, Corner Soul debuted live as a trio with bassist Hands and drummer “Super Tough” Ray Clough, expanding for the Positive Release tour to feature synth wizard Ramos and multi-instrumentalist Uratrope. Initially inspired by The Stooges and the late 70’s/early 80’s downtown New York punk and disco scenes, eventually influences as far reaching as Sly & the Family Stone, Mobb Deep and Felt Kuti bled into their sound. While prior releases focused on a homespun post punk attack, LP3, Instant Gratification, explores more diverse territory, introducing samples, synthesizers and gritty electronics to their already idiosyncratic sound. The common thread holding this collage of styles together is their distinct and expressive songwriting. Corner Soul has established themselves as a fierce live act, emphasizing chaotic passion over precision and trashy DIY glamour over slick posturing. No two shows are the same. On any given night you might catch them as booming noise rockers, kaleidoscopic house disciples, or soulful R&B balladeers. Their garage energy and unpredictable nature tear any and all expectations inside out. Dig it.

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