Q+A: EXIT 18

As we prepare for the 2019 RUMBLE, get to know the bands. We sent out a list of questions and asked the bands to pick 5.


1] Getting to know you: Where is your band from? Don’t say outer space. Or your mother. Maybe something nice about your town?

Beverly, Ma

2] Band member dynamics are fun, right? Introduce us to your band, share nicknames and bad habits.

Julia Perry – JP
Sean Leahy – Lil cakes
Doug Mears – Executioner, Drillmaster, Dentist
Darren Muise – Dagger (Dags)
Dylan Perry – Dylie P
3] The Rumble is 40, that’s more than 900 bands who’ve taken part. Who’re your favorites (hint: there’s a wiki page that lists most of them)?


4] Loaded question: who is the best band ever?

The Shaggs; Jonas Brothers (Check out their new song, the hook might sound familiar!)

UM. Okay?

5] What song do you wish you wrote and why?
Black Dog – it’s fucking facemelter!

More about Exit 18 on their Rumble page.

Exit 18 play preliminary night 3, Saturday, April 6 [Event link]

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