CE Skidmore and the Damn Fine – aka CEDFB – and is four-piece Americana rock act from Boston, though they’ll tell you that they mostly hang out on bills with the punks. CEDFB includes former members of New England staple acts like OC45, the Radicals, Loser’s Circle, and Live Nude Girls. Band leader CE is a Boston troubadour with New York roots. Her brand of singing, screaming, and storytelling has landed her a diverse spate of gigs over the years sharing stages with everyone from Off With Their Heads, Rhett Miller, Amigo the Devil, and even Ralph Nader. Yes, that Ralph Nader. Weird, right? CE can tone it down as a loner for the sweet notes but never feels more at home than sharing the stage with her ragtag gang of hooligans. Aria is a longtime Boston staple who cut his teeth as a three-piece punker and bass man for The Radicals. These days you’re most likely to see him as the “international man of misery” fronting his other band of sad songsters, Coffin Salesman. But it can’t rain all the time. Aria likes to cut it up and shred the occasional major chord as the guitar man for CEDFB. Come for his impressive pedal board, stay for the face-melting. Derek Rossi is the two-toned low end of this operation. You might recognize him as the hoarse political firebrand who made up half the vocal powerhouse of Boston’s punk standouts, OC45. OC45 toured the US and Europe throughout the better part of the last decade. They raged the Warped Tour, broke hearts, blew minds, and went through more vans (the vehicle and the shoes) than should be possible. Because Derek is so well seasoned as a frontman and guitar player, CEDFB likes to make him slightly uncomfortable by sticking him in the back with a bass. We think it humbles him but you’ll probably notice him anyway. There’s truly nothing Matt Trainor can’t do. He’s an accomplished solo artist whose gravel tones are somehow also dulcet. He’s a powerhouse drummer who sits behind the kit for hardcore punkers, Loser’s Circle. He’s a cat dad. He keeps the pocket on time and delivers the fills to make you quake.