As we prepare for the 2019 RUMBLE, get to know the bands. We sent out a list of questions and asked the bands to pick 5.


1] Band member dynamics are fun, right? Introduce us to your band, share nicknames and bad habits.  

Charles provides screaming guitar leads, blazing power chords, and a wit so dry that you might occasionally mistake it for disdain.  Janet lays down the bass lines with authority, you better listen UP! Plus she sings backups and brings the adventure to every show. Jim aka God of Thunder is on drums, and he tells an off-color rock story like no one you’ve ever met.  Justine sings, writes the songs, plays guitar, and runs the loosest ship in the business.  And seriously considers herself to be the luckiest rock and roller who ever walked the face of the earth to be playing with this crew.

2] Who among the band is the one you can call in an emergency?

I’d call Jim because he would arrive 20 minutes before the emergency occurred.  While I’m still in the shower.  Like he does for our basement rehearsals.
3] Loaded question: who is the best band ever?  

We all vehemently agree that Mahogany Rush is the best band ever.  It is the only way to keep the peace with Charles.  Plus, it’s true.

4] What would your black metal band name be?  

Our black metal band name would have to be Janota.  There is no more perfect metal band name than Janota, for any genre of metal.  Think about it.  Black metal?  Janota.  Hair metal?  Janota.  “Let’s argue for hours about whether it’s metal or hard rock” metal?  Janota.

5] What do you have to say to your 23 competitors?  

We wish you all the luck in the world.  All of you except Test Meat.  Test Meat?  It’s on.

More about Justine & the Unclean on their Rumble page.

Justine & the Unclean play preliminary night 3, Saturday, 4/6 [Event link]

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