Boston Emissions Presents Rock & Roll Rumble 2020

RUMBLE 2020 logo by Nicole Anguish/Daykamp Creative


Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood proudly presents Rock & Roll Rumble 2020. Join us for Boston’s time-honored local music tradition this April (and May!) – the World Series of Boston Rock – at ONCE Ballroom in Somerville, Mass.

I have extended the open submissions process as a courtesy to all active New England-based bands and artists to submit all information in a thorough and deliberate manner. First and foremost, Rumble consideration begins with submitting music to and getting played on Boston Emissions. This is year-round and very public information.

RUMBLE 2020 dates are as follows:

Preliminary Week One

Thurs 4/9
Fri 4/10
Sat 4/11

Preliminary Week Two

Thurs 4/16
Fri 4/17
Sat 4/18


Fri 4/24
Sat 4/25


Fri, May 1



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