THE CROWNED GHOULS x 2024 Rock & Roll Rumble champions

2024 Rock & Roll Rumble champions 

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A month of raucous rock and roll performances wrapped with a bang on Saturday night. Thank you all for singing along to it all. CONGRATULATIONS to THE GHOULS! This four-piece came together as students at UMass Lowell – three of the four members graduate next week –  brought a persistently high-energy performance, super fan sing-along hooks, guitar frenzies the crowned Rock & Roll Rumble champs. They rolled right up and rocked it like they’ve been doing it for years.

Victoria Wasylak wrote of their Rock & Roll Rumble finals performance (Vanyaland, May 5. 2024): “Ultimately, though, it was The Ghouls who possessed a frightening pull with the crowd. The group began their set with “Hellbound,” ripping through their 2023 single and campaigning to be crown-bound with a wellspring of joie de vivre. Performing to one of the most enthralled Rumble audiences in recent memory, The Ghouls ricocheted through the evening’s final round, proving that their stamina was elastic as their setlist when vocalist and guitarist George Danahy performed 1) throughout the crowd2) flat on the floor surrounded by said crowd and 3) splayed on his back onstage with the neck of his guitar acrobatically tucked underneath his left leg. Coupled with an endearing rendition of “Careless Whisper,” their no-frills, pure-grit approach ended the night with the same whimsical vigor often found in Allston (or Lowell) basements — which is perhaps why the judges ensured that The Ghouls didn’t get ghosted.” 

All photos by Coleman Rogers Photography

And the crown goes to The Ghouls



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