Rock & Roll Rumble 2024 Finals


Rock & Roll Rumble Finals on Saturday, May 4 with Halfcocked, The Ghouls, Gut Health, Other Brother Darryl

This showdown was a definite burner, as we time-traveled through the night with Other Brother Darryl’s circa 70s cosmic canyon rock, Gut Health with an enthralling stomp of post-grunge yard tools under the big top, and healthy helping of aughties alterna-emo/emo-native (those aren’t real words) as The Ghouls’ electrified acrobatics captured the excitement of an equally captivated audience.

Special guest, Halfcocked brought the band back together with a set of their infectious big rock songs. It was a reunion 20-plus years in the making and what they call HC M6 – the sixth version of the band since forming in 1997.

In the end, The Ghouls received the champagne (and cider) shower, sealing their 2024 victory.

Photos by Coleman Rogers

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