Photo by Alex Prak. Used with permission.


As we prepare for the 2019 RUMBLE, get to know the bands. We sent out a list of questions and asked the bands to pick 5.


1] ​Genres are mind numbing. Make one up for your band.

Uratrope used to call it urban psychedelia. We once got billed as a disco punk glamorama. 

2] Name your superpower.

Ramos’ superpower  – The ability to sense bullshit from a mile away.

3] What’s a guilty pleasure of yours?

Hands’ guilty pleasure – intricately recreating ABBA harmonies.

4] What are three records you have played so much you have replaced them in your collection?

Tom has worn out at least four copies of Todd Rundgren’s Something/Anything. Two were destroyed trying to sample an arpeggio from Breathless. 

5] Favorite Rock venue that isn’t around anymore.

Super Tough Ray Clough – There are many, but The Abbey Lounge had a particularly fine mix of Rock and Filth.


More about Corner Soul on their Rumble page.

Corner Soul play preliminary night 2, Friday 4/5 [Event link]

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