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As we prepare for the 2019 RUMBLE, get to know the bands. We sent out a list of questions and asked the bands to pick 5.


1] ​Name your superpower.
As a band, it’s a combination of dangerous driving, yelling and ordering incredibly complex gluten-free dishes at restaurants that are not prepared for it.

2] This is the 40th anniversary of the Rumble. It officially began at the legendary Rat in Kenmore Square. It closed in 1997. What is your favorite rock venue that isn’t around anymore?

Jim – I would hands down say Bunratty’s. Played and saw many great shows there. They also made a great Bloody Mary on Sunday afternoons. 

Rob – The Abbey Lounge

Jess – The Axis/Avalon/Bill’s trifecta – Lansdowne Street used to crank out the rock shows left and right. Miss that. 

3] What are three records you have played so much you have replaced them in your collection?

Jim – Soundgarden/Badmotorfinger, Led Zeppelin/Physical Graffiti and The Moody Blues/This is the Moody Blues

Jess – Fleetwood Mac/Rumors, NIN/Pretty Hate Machine, U2/October 

Rob – ACDC/High Voltage, ACDC/Let There Be Rock, ACDC/Highway to Hell

4] Among your band members, who would make the best politician?

Rob – Jim, he usually keeps his opinions to himself but Jess and I think he will break out of his shell any day now. 

Jim – I guess I would say me as I am the most opinionated, and I like to tell you what I’m thinking. Also I’m always right.

Jess – Jim except when it comes to operating a GPS. “Avoid ferries” is always a good option to keep in mind whilst driving from Long Island to CT.  

5] Genres are mind numbing. Make one up for your band. 


More about Set Fire on their Rumble page.

Set Fire play preliminary night 6, Saturday 4/13 [Event link]

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