Semifinals at Sonia Recap

Rock & Roll Rumble 2024 Semifinals at Sonia, April 19 and 20

The first two weekends of April spent at The Middle East for preliminaries were energized, action-packed, and all over the place in the most entertaining ways. Semifinals at Sonia brought eight rollicking performances, as evidenced in the live photo gallery below. All photos by Coleman Rogers.



The Ghouls came out on top Friday night.


Semifinals night two was a raucous one

In the end, it was Gut Health who left a mark, hula hoops and streamers, on the stage



Over the course of the Rumble’s 40-plus years, there have been a few double Wildcards

(though the Wildcard itself didn’t become a thing until 1999 with Halfcocked, our Finals guest)

Other Brother Darryl returns. Again.



Semifinals gallery, all photos by Coleman Rogers


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