Here Comes The Summer, There’s Gonna Be A Rumble

SUMMER RUMBLE | For regular listeners of Boston Emissions (I hope you all are), you know I have tried to update the best I can about Rock & Roll Rumble developments. While I understand this is not top of mind for anyone as we stay at home doing our part to see that we can safely get on the other side of this deadly virus, I do want to remain hopeful that our livelihoods will be restored one day soon. Virtually everyone I know is out of work, myself included, and everyone who is able to, is staying at home. This is the right thing to do. It is crystal clear that nothing is happening in live music for much or all of April. Many annual festivals have postponed or cancelled all together.

To quote Boston Mayor Marty Walsh who, just today, addressed residents about the anticipated Congressional Stimulus package, “there can be no economic recovery without pubic health.” This is true. We may be off the social grid until June.

Come Summer, I do hope that we will be able to safely meet, hug in the photo booth, and celebrate music again. We will most certainly need the support of the community to pull this off. I didn’t expect to be planning another Summer Rumble after last year’s 40th anniversary celebration at The Sinclair, but here we are. Things have changed in the planning and I have new work to do. I ask you to please save these dates:

Week 1
Thu 7/30, Fri 7/31, Sat 8/1

–skip one week–

Week 2
Thu 8/13, Fri 8/14, Sat 8/15

Thu 8/20, Fri 8/21

Sat 8/29


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