Rock & Roll Rumble Will Happen, But Not In April

I made this announcement late last night after it was abundantly clear that we could not go forward with hosting the Rumble in April. Truth is, it was very evident late last week that pulling off a nine-night festival in the middle of a pandemic was unlikely. We need to be most concerned with our health and well-being. There will be a Rumble in 2020, just not as we had planned.

I am in contact with the bands to sort out schedules for what is to come.


Dear friends & fans,

We are in a public health crisis. This is a fluid situation and every day brings new concern. I have been struggling with the prospect of holding a Rumble in three weeks.

Just today, Governor Baker stated gatherings of 25 people were allowed, but no more. Then, the CDC issued a recommended 8 week social shutdown.

Earlier today, ONCE Somerville, our host venue, temporarily closed their doors.

I do not see us having a Rock & Roll Rumble in April. Yesterday, I thought it to be irresponsible. Today, I find it impossible. There is just too much at stake.

We will have a #RUMBLE2020. You can count on it.

Thank you. Keep safe. Please stay home until it is safe to do otherwise.


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