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As we prepare for the 2019 RUMBLE, get to know the bands. We sent out a list of questions and asked the bands to pick 5. 


1] Name your superpower:

Adi – Mahamrityunjaya Mantra
Kyle – Forgetfulness
Kevin – Kanye West
Tim – Being on time

2] What’s a guilty pleasure of yours?

Adi – Victoria’s Secret
Kyle – Vehicular maintenance
Kevin – Overdubs
Tim – Succulents
3] Do you have a Rumble memory from past years?

Kevin – Time traveling with C4RT
Kyle – Keith Pierce (Mellow Bravo) singing on the roof of a car outside TT’s
Adi – Zip-Tie Handcuffs throwing guitars at each other 
Tim – Looking forward to making many this year!

You mean this? I’m not sure who took this shot. 

Zip-Tie Handcuffs, RUMBLE 2015, TT the Bear’s. Credit: unknown


4] This year has been heavy on band biopics. Who’d play your band members in the movie?

Kyle – Nicholas Cage
Kevin – Bill Murray
Tim – Anyone with a suitable beard
Adi – Lauren Bacall

5] How are you preparing for your Rumble performance?

Tim – Swiping right
Kevin – Vitamins and regimens
Adi – Bloodletting
Kyle – Astral traveling


More about Phenomenal Sun on their Rumble page.

Phenomenal Sun play preliminary night 5, Friday April 12 [Event]

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