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Rock & Roll Rumble 2023 Standings

Congratulations ONE FALL!

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Here we go! Rock & Roll Rumble Finals
Ruin The Nite
The Chelsea Curve
One Fall
Special guest Eddie Japan

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Semifinals Night One, Fri 4/21



Semifinals Night Two, Sat 4/22




Thurs 4/6 Night One: Kooked Out

Kooked Out prelims 4/6




Fri 4/7 Night Two: Not Bad Not Well

Not Bad Not Well prelims 4/7

Sat 4/8 Night Three: One Fall

One Fall prelims 4/8

Prelims Wildcard #1: Bird Language

Thurs 4/13 Night Four: Ruin The Nite

Fri 4/14 Night Five: The Chelsea Curve

Sat 4/15 Night Six: Wildcat Slim


Prelims Wildcard #2: Tysk Tysk Task


Fire up the Rock & Roll Rumble machine! On Thursday, we hoisted the banners on a new year for the region’s long-running springtime music festival. Traditionally right as rain and as sure as budding branches each spring, but The Rumble’s last dance was back in 2019. Missed by many, forgotten by some, and remembered as the annual event to herald in the season, it is among the bucket list of to-do’s for many a band. The nine-night battle has played a significant role in shaping many of New England’s best and brightest.

We have witnessed The Rumble’s shift and reshaping over its 40-plus year existence (technically 2023 is the 41st year given the three spent offline). Greater distance grows between up-and-coming bands and the raucous days of 104.1 WBCN The Rock of Boston and the legacy it created. As the heir, so to speak, Rock & Roll Rumble organizer and Boston Emissions’ radio show host Anngelle Wood has resurrected the Rumble once more.

Not bad timing heading into Easter weekend. 

“To be included in a Rock & Roll Rumble class is still a sought after honor for many independent acts who create music here. With every closed venue, lost rehearsal space, and blown out rent the city has to offer, the Rock & Roll Rumble brings some semblance of comfort for a music community forced to rebuild itself,” Wood recognizes.

Rock & Roll Rumble 2023 opens Thursday night at the Middle East upstairs, 472 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Mass.

The Rock & Roll Rumble has partnered with Calling All Crows #HEREFORTHEMUSIC campaign because live music is a place for fun, community, and open expression. Sexual harassment and assault don’t belong. We are offering community bystander training this month. Follow @rocknrollrumble for updates. For more on their campaign, visit

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