As we prepare for the 2019 RUMBLE, get to know the bands. We sent out a list of questions and asked the bands to pick 5. 


1] Band member dynamics are fun, right? Introduce us to your band, share nicknames and bad habits.

We spend a lot of time together. As a result, we have a lot of inside jokes, including a running list of awesomely bad song titles, side project band names, and nicknames. Examples include: Mitt Fingers, Jimmy Tipton, DJ Pro Bono, Zizza, and Trey Tablez. Also, we eat a lot of pizza. Fun fact: Beer is a good hair product substitute. 

2] Genres are mind numbing. Make one up for your band.


True grime!
3] Name your superpower.
Crazy hair, sunglasses and laser lights.
4] What song do you wish you wrote and why?

That ‘Friday’ song so we could delete it ;p 
(you mean this one??)

5] Among your band members, who would make the best politician?
Definitely Zizza.

More about This Bliss on their RUMBLE page

This Bliss play preliminary night 1, Thursday 4/4 [Event Link]

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